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Arrow Enterprise Gewalt / BS FK16 Set of 4 inches
Arrow Enterprise

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Tires: Fr POTENZA RE075 grooves made in the remaining 06: 4mm Rimasu around the crack is small! Rr ZIEX ZE329 grooves made in the remaining 07: 6mm front and rear tires are different brands around! Wheels: with a wound to the rim with four gully! Mark was a distortion or cracking Rimasen II / Chaser / Cresta, etc.

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  • Wheel Manufacturer: Arrow
  • Wheel Front: 16x7J 5H PCD114.3 OFF36
  • Wheel Rear: 16x8J 5H PCD114.3 OFF48
  • Tire Manufacturer: Bridgestone / Falken
  • Tire Front: 205/55R16
  • Tire Rear: 225/50R16
Product Version Price Order
Gewalt / BS FK16 Set of 4 inches - 04-40128
Nengun Performance
4798-455 Imazu
Nishi-ku, Fukuoka
Japan, 819-0165

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