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SSR Vienna dish / TR19 in. Set of 4

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I'm still I could use this 7mm 7.

5mm 2 two year made 2012 TR968: tire! There are no scratches look very good, both four black rim paint peeling disk to the disk surface white discoloration, floating painting, etc. have faded, there is no problem in use: wheel. Might as well go on to Largo, etc. Since you can use Sedo / Cima skyline Gros (not big caliper) 4 holes also? Rare size! ?

  • Wheel Manufacturer: Speed Star
  • Wheel Front: 19X8.5J4/5H PCD114.3OFF30
  • Wheel Rear: 19X9.5J4/5H PCD114.3OFF30
  • Tire Manufacturer: Triangle
  • Tire Front: 235/35R19
  • Tire Rear: 235/35R19
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Vienna dish / TR19 in. Set of 4 - 09-51463
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