ARC Air Removal Tank - Universal Set

ARC introduce the Universal Air Removal tank Set.

ARC introduce the Universal Air Removal tank Set. Comes complete with Tank, Separator, Hoses, Hose Clamps and Small parts.

The air-removal tank is in parallel with the radiator. Once the thermostat opens, the hot coolant bypasses the radiator to pass through the tank, and is returned, hot, to the water pump inlet to re-enter the engine housing ports.
It's purpose is first to collect air/vapor in an upper, stagnant chamber. Then by thermal expansion of the fluid and gas, it purges the collected air into the vented overflow bottle by way of a 3rd hose that ends in the bottle below the coolant level. Air bubbles rise to the top and vent to the atmosphere. Upon cooling-contraction, coolant from the bottle is pulled back into the system.
The coolant that flows to the separation tank comes from the top of the thermostat housing, where a mini chamber is cast into the housing. The entry into this chamber can be seen after removing the fill cap as a 10mm hole. The only chamber exit is the hose to the separation tank. The purpose of the mini-chamber is to encourage any air that is passing below, from the open thermostat to the radiator, to rise up and be sent ( with coolant ) through the small bypass line to the separation tank.

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Universal Air Removal tank Set

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