AutoExe Inter-cooler

AutoExe make an  intercooler kit which replaces the  OEM version.

 The core thickness has been increased over the stock intercooler and the volume capacity has been increased. 

  • The air intake temperature is lowered via the optimized outer and inner fins.
  • The inner tube with a tapered air intake entrance has improved
  • Air permeability rate to approximately 60%* compared to the original part, reducing pressure loss. 
  • Output and acceleration response is improved. 
  • Bolt-on installation is available. 
Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
Mazdaspeed MPV/ CX -7 LY3P Turbo/ ER3P
USD $ 1,216.90
USD $ 1,574.65
Mazdaspeed 3 Axela / Atenza 6 - BK3P/GG3P
Atenza - MazdaSpeed - GG3P
Axela - Mazdaspeed - BK3P
USD $ 1,427.43
USD $ 1,784.60
Vehicle Compatibility
Mazda - Atenza - MazdaSpeed - GG3P
Mazda - Axela - Mazdaspeed - BK3P
Mazdaspeed 3 - Axela BL3FW
Axela - Mazdaspeed - BL3FW
USD $ 1,427.43
USD $ 1,784.60
Vehicle Compatibility
Mazda - Axela - Mazdaspeed - BL3FW
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Reviews Reviews

17th December 2014

Please contact out Products Team at products@nengun.com and they will be able to answer your questions. Thanks.

16th December 2014

Can this product be used to replace the intercooler of a 3sgte?

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