Bridgestone Potenza - RE-11A

Nengun Performance proudly introduces The All New Bridgestone Potenza - RE-11A. Bridgstone have Adopted a new compound to create a more advanced "POTENZA RE-11A". In the Tsukuba Super Battle Japan, attention was put on the New RE11-A to create the latest sport radial tire to give even Better performance On and off the track

From Top Time attack racing Car Driver Satoshi Motoyama

"Grip levels have increased overall compared to RE-11. The average speed in the process of going from medium-speed through cornering at high speed has been greatly improved and cornering at high speed due to the increased grip force was clearly felt, such as switching to the left and right of the front and back at the Tsukuba race track. I think lap times will be faster because of good response and handling taken from the technology from the of RE-11, The RE-11A is effective and easy to make corrections in increased speed range, very controllable. You Will not feel any difficulty such as the rear sliding sharply.

Grip Levels have increased overall compared to the RE-11
Harder Compound 
Less Wear, Excellent Traction
RE-11A has a Higher Lateral Grip
Longer wearing - Lower Noise
Increased Performance in the Wet



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Bridgestone Potenza RE -11A Tyres 205/50/R16 87V
This part is no longer available
Bridgestone Potenza RE -11A Tyres 205/50/R16 87V
This part is no longer available
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