Colt Speed Colt R Sport Clutch Kit
Colt Speed

Colt Speed has just released the Colt ver.

Colt Speed has just released the Colt ver. R Sport Clutch Kit


Single-plate clutch disc material flywheel ● ● molly (Modern organic material).
Japan Automobile Standard JASO C105 standard serial management strength tests after pre-tested total ● ● ● Grease comes with spline processing dynamic balance forged aluminum cover ● ●

●Low inertia (reduction of inertia) (54% less over stock). For smoother shifting. Reduced wear.

● High crimp force was to ensure the bonding pressure of 143% over stock, The transfer of power to the road is increased from the engine of the Colt Ver. R.
 150% high torque capacity ( (50%) over stock) ●!
● In heavy pedal pedal slightly abnormal changes of the improved clutch feel that the reaction force that would not have been up slightly. 123% UP (measured pedal) kept to. 

These Parts are also recommended to install at the same time, if you purchase this Sport Clutch Kit for your Colt R:

Flywheel bolts (MD008839)  x 5cps


Clutch Bearing with Clutch Fork -
Oil seal for Drive shaft x 2cps
Clutch Fork Pivot -

Add these to the Comments Section of your Shopping Cart when checking out and we will be sure to source them for you, and calculate your total accordingly, prices are fair on these items and will help the clutch perform at its optimum level.



This part usually ships 12 days after payment.

Product Version Price Order
Mitsubishi - Colt ver. R - CBA-Z27AG - Clutch Kit
USD $ 1,319.10
USD $ 1,349.46

Vehicle Compatibility

Mitsubishi - Colt - Ralliart - Z27AG

Vehicle Compatibility

Mitsubishi - Colt - Ralliart - Z27AG
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