Cosmic Venerdi Center Caps

Wheel center caps for the Cosmic Hereboranni CL-105 wheels.

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2 x Venerdi Center Caps
Cosmic Hereboranni CL-105 wheels
All Models
USD $ 61.33
Vehicle Compatibility
All Models
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25th March 2015

Please contact our Products Team and they will try and help you. Their direct email address is products@nengun.com , Thanks.

25th March 2015

I don't know much about wheel styles and when I seen this, its the closes style that seems to make my wheel design. I tried missing a pot hole and in turn hit the curb my driver side rim is so damaged (bent) that I don't think it's repairable. As I said the style looks the same but the center cap on mine shows LXRY Hanes, NEO Generation . I can't make out the name/signature on the rim which makes it more difficult. They are staggered 18" rims. I've searched for the same style for sometime now, with no luck. Do people tend to change the center caps? Would these fit along with my other rims ?

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