Cusco Competition ZERO-3

Suspension coilovers specifically designed for competitive use.

The internal shock absorber valving engineered to meet the demands of immense lateral G forces in adjacence with race compound tires. This is the ideal setup for any onroad motorsports competition including Gymkhana, Autocross, Time Attack,  and Circuit Racing.
The competition grade coilovers include robust number of tuning adjustment options, and its structural design is made to handle the most harshest racing environments anywhere in the globe. Dominate the competition in a world where 1/1000th of a second counts! Designed for use in competitive motorsports.

  • This suspension coilover kit is designed with full adjustable ride height feature which retains full shock stroke length and spring preload.
  • The inverted shock is made from light weight aluminum and features a mono-tube 24-step adjustable damper.
  • The large piston internal valving along combined with increased spring rates are specifically designed for vehicles equipped with race compound tires (R-compounds, Slicks).
  • The inverted damper prevents external elements from entering the shock casing and retains structural rigidity for added stress loads applied to the coilover.
  • 24 way high compression mono-tube shock absorber, valved primarily for circuit use
  • ​Inverted shock design
  • Full height adjustable structure
  • Increased spring rates for sport performance
  • Precision cut shock case thread with special coating
  • Ribbed lower bracket made with dierent metal according to each vehicle.
  • Each suspension exceeds over 500 hours of elemental testing standards

Comes with camber adjustable pillow-ball upper mount and/or rubber upper seat depending on its vehicle application.


Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
233 63R CP
Nissan Silvia S15 Spring rate (kgf/mm) F11 - R9
Silvia - S15
Vehicle Compatibility
Nissan - Silvia - S15
422 63R CP
Mazda RX-7 FD3S Spring rate kgf/mm - Front: 16 - Rear 16
RX-7 - FD3S 2-3
RX-7 - FD3S 4
RX-7 - FD3S 5
Vehicle Compatibility
Mazda - RX-7 - FD3S 2-3
Mazda - RX-7 - FD3S 4
Mazda - RX-7 - FD3S 5
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