Defi VSD Concept

Defi-Link Display VSD CONCEPT is a product to display information on the speed, engine speed, and so on by reflecting the information on the windshield of vehicle. The projection technology is called "Heads Up Display(HUD)." VSD is our original technology focusing on compactness and universality utilizing the HUD technology.

By connecting this product to the Defi-Link System, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, and exhaust temperature can be displayed other than speed and engine speed.


High visibility display by adopting VSD technology (super high bright VFD)

Two super high bright LED indicators
The switch panel is illuminated with LEDs to make operation in the dark easy.

The brightness is adjusted automatically. (A dim sensor is included in the product.)

Auto dimmer mode and manual dimmer mode are available. When the auto dimmer mode is selected, the brightness of display is
adjusted automatically depending on the outside light.

The structure of the installation stay allows 2 way angle adjustments.

Displays speedometer and engine speed. By connecting to the
Defi-Link System and sensors(sold separately) various information is displayed.
Wiring of Defi-Link Display VSD CONCEPT
Wiring example of Defi-Link Display VSD CONCEPT and Defi-Link System
This product is for use ONLY on vehicles with a 12V electrical system.

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Deif Virtual Super Display
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