Fujimura Auto Striker Titianium Exhaust
Fujimura Auto

The Titanium Striker Exhaust Muffler by Fujimura Auto is designed for hi flow and less back pressure over stock.  Quality titanium construction along with nice race-breed sound!

Please consult your tuner to ensure product you order is compatible with your vehicle.

Please be aware this exhaust system is for a louder sound, please check with your local agency, or department regarding noise levels.

Exhaust, 85db at idle, 96-100db with load and medium throttle.

Pipe is 90mm throughout with a 115mm tip.   (please check for fit with your vehicles aero-kit)

This part usually ships 12 days after payment.

Product Version Price Order
BNR32 Titanium
Nissan - Skyline BNR32 - Titanium Striker Exhaust
USD $ 1,991.26

Vehicle Compatibility

Nissan - Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32

Vehicle Compatibility

Nissan - Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32
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