Garage Vary MX5 Hard Top
Garage Vary

This is something Unique and not seen everyday.

This is something Unique and not seen everyday. The Garage vary Hard top for the Mazda MX5. 

For a while now Garage Vary have been working on a lightweight hardtop for the Mazda MX5 NCEC.  Not just a copy of the factory hardtop though, this one is a fastback design that extends further back than the original.  It covers the 3rd brake light panel and uses the existing mounting points on the rear deck.  It transforms the side profile of the car making it appear to be a coupe, in a similar way to how the previous generations coupe models and conversions looked.  The Garage Vary design does not interfere with the bootlid operation and will be available in frp materials.

Features and Includes

  • Roll cage is not required for installation
  • Comes with rear Window
  • R1-3AO - Lock Assy Top - NF28-R1-3AO 
  • R1-314 - Wedge Male Top - NF28-R1-314A 
  • R1-840 - Lock Assy Side RH - NF28-R1-840E 
  • R1-850 - Lock Assy Side LH - NF28-R1-850E
  • R1-882A - Retainer RH - NF28-R1-882A
  • R1-892 - Retainer LH - NF28-R1-892A 
  • R1-451 - Top Weather Strip No1 - NF28-R1-411D 
  • 2 months made to order

 The Garage Vary Hardtop is for the NCEC not the NB8C


This part usually ships 12 days after payment.

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Mazda MX5 Roadster NCEC
USD $ 3,985.63
USD $ 4,332.20

Vehicle Compatibility

Mazda - Roadster - NCEC

Vehicle Compatibility

Mazda - Roadster - NCEC
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