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Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

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Greddy Blow Off Valve - Type RS

The Trust Greddy Type RS Blow Off Valve is designed to be the most reliable available allowing high performance and a unique discharge sound.
High capacity performance in a compact frame.
With use of the high quality valve and diaphragm control system, the type RS was created to be the most reliable blow off valve system available. New designs allow for high capacity and performance that rival high performance blow off valves, while being more compact and lighter weight.

Ultimate Discharge Sound
The unique 8 discharge ports in the CNC machined aluminium discharge funnel draw surrounding air to amplify the blow off sound.

Large 40mm Valve
The CNC machined aluminium valve is coated with hard anodizing, to withstand extreme friction, maintain an air-tight seal and increase durability.

Quick Response
To ensure a proper valve movement, a durable, air tight pressure resistant Bellofram diaphragm is used.
The short valve stroke allows a compact top housing design. This smaller top housing volume also adds improved valve response.

Dual Spring System
A carefully selected spring rate, prevents premature discharge under high boost pressure and increase valve speed for quick response application.

Adjustable Spring Rate
The spring tension can be tuned by the adjustment screw, to suit most applications.

Re-circulation hose Adapter
The discharge funnel can be replaced with an optional re-circulation hose adapter to allow for re-routing the discharge air back in the air-intake system. Re-Circulation is not included in the universal type RS vale kit.

Mounting Flange
The Type RS uses the same mounting flange as the previous model Type S and Type-R. There may be some applications which the Type-RS will not be able to replace the Greddy valve on some bolt-on blow-off valve kits.

Re-circulation adapter
The standard blow off valve has a plumb back hose to the intake, a rubber hose. The aftermarket blow off valve that vents to the atmosphere replaces the standard blow off valve and this plumb back hose is blocked off.

Please note
This is a standard universal type Blow off valve. Its does not come with a vehicle specific adapter, please see the Type RS Kit for vehicle specific kits.

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Blow Off Valve Type RS
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Blow Off Valve Type RS
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