Greddy Intelligent Infometer Touch

The Intelligent Infometer Touch is the latest from Greddy's line of information display products.

The Intelligent Infometer Touch is the latest from Greddy's line of information display products.

The latest release features the highest quality 3.5" TFT screen from any of the meters, combined with flexible layout, installation and connection.

  • 3.5" 65,546 Color TFT Screen capable of displaying up to 6 signals at once
  • Completely touch scren, configured by simply touching the screen
  • Can be installed in 3 different layouts
  • Connects to ISO14230 connector
  • Connects to old Nissan CONSULT with additional harness
  • Connects to the latest CAN connector
  • Can display from 53 signals, see the Greddy website for more details
  • 15min signal record playback with warning and peak hold
  • Displays in Metric or SEA options
  • Displays in English or Japanese

The Intelligent Infometer Touch can now be extended with the Intelligent Infometer Touch Sensor Adapter & Harnesses, enabling monitoring of boost pressure, oil pressure and temperature. 

If you want to know the version information for his Infometer Touch, please check it as the following.
1. see the Setting Menu - choose the Program - You can see the version of the Infometer Touch.
2. New one is Ver. 1.08 (serial number after 15200-)
3. Version 1.07 and 1.08 the both can be displayed for ZC31S
4. When you connect it to ZC31S, it can be displayed as the following.
rpm / Speed / IG Timing / Throttle (V) / Throttle (%) / Water Temp / Air Temp / Air Pressure (KPa) / Injector (ms) / Injector (%) / Gear Position /
Power (PS) / Distance (Km) / Fuel (moment) / Fuel (average) / Fuel cost / A/F / Battery (V) etc. 

Product Version Price Order
Infometer Touch
USD $ 332.01
USD $ 416.59
Option Part - Nissan Non-OBD Harness
USD $ 20.86
USD $ 26.17
Best Price Guarantee
If you're able to find a better price we'll beat it, all fees included.

Reviews Reviews

23rd April 2014

Hi, does it suitable for Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (EC5A / EC5W)? Thanks.

31st March 2014

Bad company I never see!

31st March 2014

Bad service! Late delivery! Refunds trick! Totally disappointed!

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