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Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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Grid DSP Knock Analyzer DK1s

The GRID DSP Knock Analyzer DK1s engine knocking detection system is based on DSP technology.

The GRID DSP Knock Analyzer DK1s engine knocking detection system is based on DSP technology.


  • DSP technology enabling knock limit point control
  • High-speed analysis of knocking on each ignition 
  • Filtering only knock window 
  • Digital precision knocking analysis with DSP 
  • Programmable Gain and knock level 
  • Automatic knocking frequency setting with cylinder diameter 
  • Bandpass filter by digital signal processing 
  • Improvement of knocking SN ratio by integral processing 
  • Dwell time, rotation speed display 
  • Knocking display High brightness red LED, external output line 
  • UP, DWN, SET 3 buttons 
  • Level indication by backlight LCD 


  • Only main unit
  • Power cable will be separately required
  • DEKA / DK1s knock sensor kit required

Product   Price Order
USD $ 305.54
Product   Order
USD $ 305.54
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