Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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You can starting bidding and winning auctions straight away in 5 quick and easy steps.

Find the Auction

You can find auctions you are looking for by searching using category, brand, vehicle or keyword search.

You can also look at an item directly using the item code:[item-code]

Add funds to your account

To place a bid, we require the value of the bid and shipping method to be pre-deposited into your account on the website. We support International  bank deposits and Paypal. Paypal is recommended as it is automatically confirmed and available for immediate bidding.

Please note, bank deposits take around 3- 7 business days to clear and be confirmed in our account. Funds can be withdrawn at any time from your account and your current account details can be see under My Account on the website.

Place a Bid or Buy It Now

With funds available in your account you can easily place a bid by clicking Place Bid or Buy it Now on the item page. You will be prompted to enter the bid amount, shipping method and any comments. The total amount you will have to pay is automatically calculated including any service fees. Place the bid by clicking 'Place Bid' and the bid is automatically placed on the Yahoo Japan Auctions.

Automatic Notification

Email notifications are provided throughout the entire process. If you are outbid or win the auction, you are notified via email. You can also track the progress of your bid at any time via the 'History' area on the website and by viewing the item.

You Win!

After winning the Auction, you will be notified via email and we automatically create an order in our system. We then process the order by contacting the seller and organizing all of the details including the shipping within Japan to our warehouse. Throughout this process you will be notified via email and you can track the progress via My Orders on the website.

We have a very large premise so its no problem to continue purchasing from the auctions without been charged storage fees. 

Actually you dont have to pay anything to find out the total cost of the item sent to your address. Without even adding any funds or been placed on any PayPal agreements to pay if you win the auction, press Calculate Bid from on the Nengun Auction page. You will be given all the costs up front before being asked to add any funds to your account.

At Nengun, we have extensive auction system in real time allowing you to make active bids either via PayPal or via bank transfer. All our charges are clearly shown upfront so there are no hidden nasty surprises at the end of the auction. At the Nengun auctions we keep everything up front, clear and precise. Would you want it any other way. 


We have built the website to provide the lowest overheads and therefore the lowest fees possible. The charges are automatically calculated when placing a bid and after winning the auction. The service charges are also simple and easy to understand:

  • 15% of the winning bid price
  • Minimum of 1,500 Yen (~ $15 USD)
  • Maximum of 15,000 Yen (~ $150 USD)
  • Japan Bank Charge 300 Yen ( $3.00 USD)
  • Japan inland freight charge ranging from 800 yen ( $8.00 USD) for small parts to 6,000 Yen ( $60.00 USD ) for larger parts.
  • The Freight we advertise when you purchase parts is only an estimate, If the part costs more to send we shall require more funds to be paid on your behalf.
  • All excessive freight payment will be returned back to your account.

The website automatically translates the name and short description of each item to provide easier navigation. These are automatic machine translations and may not always be accurate. We have continuing development in this area and welcome any feedback or correction to translations.

You can view the original Yahoo Japan Auctions website and full description by clicking the link on the item page. We encourage viewing the original page with a number of online translators to be sure before placing a bid. Translation services are also available from:

If you have any concerns please Contact Us with the item details and we'd be happy to help.

The Japanese language of all the translations in the world it still hard to read or understand in the English format. Nengun Performance will not be held responsible if you bought the wrong part or the part is broken. We cannot reimburse any loss. 

Prior to bidding email us at and our fluent Japanese staff will inform you of any problems.

After an auction is finished we cannot contact the seller and make a complaint about the received items or send the goods back to the seller.

Shipping fees are calculated based on the weight of the item. The website has suggested weights per item category and we allow you to amend this weight when placing a bid.

Once the item is won and we receive it from the seller, the shipping cost is calculated and updated on your order. The difference in shipping charges are automatically credited or debited from your account. If your account does not have sufficient funds we will contact you to organise the details.

Shipping fees can vary considerably between carrier, size, weight and destination. We endeavor to provide the most cost effective shipping costs at all times and will work with you to lower these costs when possible.

This is an example of shipping cost for Intercooler Kit:

We take into account of the shipping costs you have already paid on your order.

  • In this case; the initial 3 kgs = 4,600 Yen you have paid for the Intercooler Kit.
  • An Intercooler kit weighs 7.8 kgs not 3 kg's, so you will be charged excess freight. We do not cover any excess freight and will ask for more funds to ship if needed.
  • When the Intercooler Kit arrives, we weigh and measure the box. We then inquire about a quote from Japan Post to your registered address which will also include insurance.
  • In this case; 13,700 Yen quote to your address
  • We also have to pay freight from Yahoo Seller to our warehouse; 1,930 Yen + 300 yen bank charge.

The shipping total is:

  • 13,700 + 1,930 + 300 = 15,930 Yen
  • Minus the 4,600 Yen freight charge you have already paid for in your order
  • 15,930 - 4,600 = 11,330
  • 11,330 + 4% PayPal handling charge
  • Total = 11,783 Yen for the excess freight

This shipping quote is an example of freight charge. Freight charges will differ when compared to a closer country to Japan than to a European country. Please contact us before placing a bid or buying now.

The price you are viewing from the seller is the freight price for delivery within Japan, this is to our warehouse. Our estimated freight price is to your address.

So there are two forms of freight to be paid on your behalf. The seller's Japan domestic freight and the cost of freight to you.

Exactly what its says. "Junk" Please dont expect to purchase something cheap and it to be in working order or the correct fitment or size. "Junk really means Junk! If you have any questions please contact us proir to bidding.

Once you have registered and entered your address in 'My Details' on our site, just press "Place Bid" and you will be taken to the next page to choose from either EMS or FedEx. You do not need to add any funds to your account at the moment. All these freights are linked from the freight service to your personal address.

We can ship most items, even items of large size using one of many shipping methods we have available, including EMS, DHL, Fedex and Sankyu.

Items over 1.5 meters in any dimension require the 'Large Item' checkbox to be ticked, providing alternative shipping methods. Large items may incur additional costs or alternative pickup arrangements from your local freight distribution centre. The shipping will be expensive.

Large Items include:

  • Bumpers
  • Bonnets
  • Glass Windscreens
  • Hoods
  • Rear Trunks
  • Roll Cages
  • Intercoolers
  • Front Lips
  • Side Steps
  • Car Doors
  • Fenders
  • Exhausts
  • Roofs
  • Difusers
  • Rear Wings
  • Car Seats
  • Dashboards

Once the item arrives in our warehouse, we will then weigh and measure the part and then be in contact with you. If the freight costs are more than the estimate we shall ask you to pay the excess freight cost. 

If you decide to not pay the excess freight, we cannot ship the part. There will be no cancellations or refunds and we will terminate your Auctions Account.

There are, however some items we cannot ship and these should not be bid on in any circumstances:

  • Engines and Gearboxes depending on the gearbox size and weight
  • Car Bodies, including half cuts and Vehicles
  • Oil or Fluids of any kind
  • Food
  • Animals

If you are concerned about shipping arrangements Contact Us and we will confirm the details as soon as possible.

Please be warned when bidding on anything over 1.5 meters in length. Large items include:

  • Bumpers
  • Bonnets
  • hoods
  • Rear Trunks
  • Roll cages
  • Front Lips
  • Side Steps
  • Car Doors
  • Fenders
  • Exhausts
  • Roofs
  • Defuses
  • Rear Wings
  • Car Seats
  • Dashboards

If you purchase any of the above parts you will pay a lot for freight. The Estimated Freight on the site has no relevance for these types of parts.

Please email us prior to bidding at these auctions at We will not know the exact size, length or weight until the part arrives in our warehouse. We will then weigh and measure the part and then be in contact with you. If the freight costs are more than the estimate we shall ask you to pay the excess freight cost.

If you decide to not pay the excess freight, we cannot ship the part. There will be no cancellations or refunds.

It would be impossible for us to know every weight of every part at the auctions, until we personally receive it and have the part weighed. We have added an estimate weight for each category. It is an average weight. The total weight could be more or less.

Because of our vast experience in dealing with parts, just by looking at a part, we will know the weight or we will have the weight in our inventory list from selling thousands of new parts. So if you have any questions send us an e mail at with the link to the auction and we can inform you up front of all the costs of excess freight prior to you making a bid. Our advice is, don't purchase large and oversized parts unless your are prepared to pay expensive volumetric freight prices.

We add the Estimated Weight for category, so at times some freight prices will be expensive. Once we receive the part from the seller at our warehouse, its weighed and any excess freight you have paid will be returned back to your account.

Please email us prior to making a bid so we can change the weight manually.

The LSD is listed in the category under Transmissions. In order to stop people buying heavy transmissions, we have listed the whole category at 117kgs. Hence the price of $700. Shipping heavy items are very expensive. 

Please contact us if you would like to buy a transmission before bidding on the auction.

Free shipping means from the seller to an address within Japan; such as to our warehouse in Japan. Free shipping does not mean from free international shipping from Japan to the your country.

Once a bid is placed it cannot be canceled in any circumstances. Bids are automatically placed on the Yahoo Japan Auctions and cannot be retracted. Please ensure you review all the bid details before placing your bid.
Nengun honors all bids with the seller. If we cancel, we will receive a negative review. A seller when advertising their goods at the auctions has the choice of blocking any potential buyer who has just one negative point against their name. 

If you wish to increase your bid, you simply place another bid with the higher amount. However, you will require the additional funds to place your second bid at the current time.

The shipping method and address details can be updated at any time before your order is shipped. Please Contact Us as soon as possible should you have any updates required.

First log in. Then on our front home page click on the Auctions Tab then click on My Account and you will be able to see your Auction account details.

The Nengun Auctions have been designed that staff who are in Japan cannot make a personal bid at the Auctions. Even if we wanted to, unfortunately it would be impossible to make a purchase through our system.

Yes, no problem at all. Just send us a link via email and we shall add the weight and measurement.

We have not received the part of the seller as yet. Once the part arrives at out office, the order is processed, then you wil be issued with a tracking number by the site. This may take several days to complete.

If you have found something at the Japan Yahoo Auctions and you are on a Japanese page, simply copy any part number heading etc and past it on the Nengun Auctions search page and you will be able to see and bid for your desired part in English. If you are still having trouble please contact and we shall search for the page for you.

Generally speaking after the Auction is won, we have sent your order to you within a few days from when we receive the part from the seller. At times, some sellers reputations are horrendous to say the least. Its very important to check the negative reviews prior to making a bid. In rare occurrences, it can be hard getting parts of the seller. Be rest assured we go to extraordinary lengths to obtain your purchase if this problem should arise. If you have any questions concerning the auctions, please send us an e mail prior to making a bid. We are only too willing to help.

We no longer allow e checks to be used with the Nengun Auctions. These checks are not secure and can be reversed by sender after parts have been sent. If we receive an e check it can take 5 to 10 working days to clear. Once the payment has cleared we shall refund the payment back to the senders pay pal account.

What you are asking us to do is money laundering. You sent the funds from Pay pal and you want the funds to go to a bank account. We cant do it. All refunds have to go back the same way they came. If you paid via Pay Pal the funds will go back to the exact name they came from.  

We do not automatically ship Auction orders together. Please contact us prior to bidding on the auctions, otherwise we will ship the items separately.

If you have any other questions or concerns you can read our Terms & Conditions or Contact Us for more information.