Placing an order at Nengun Performance is an easy process, giving you access to thousands of JDM performance parts direct from Japan.

1. Select Products, Add to Cart and Checkout

Search our extensive product catalogue by brand, category, keyword or vehicle, view the product and click Add to Cart to add the part to your shopping cart.

Once complete, click Checkout to begin the order placement process.

2. Enter Address Details

Login or enter your address details and click the continue button. We can ship parts to over 100 countries worldwide.

3. Select Shipping Method

Select your preferred shipping method, we have a number of shipping methods available shipping to over 100 countries worldwide offering a range of speed and features.

4. Select Insurance Method

Insurance methods allow you to select from the standard shipping carrier insurance and premium insurance methods with ability to select level of coverage.

5. Select Payment Method

Select your preferred payment method. All payment processing methods and their associated costs and details are provided up front, there are no surprises after placing your order.

6. Order Comments

Enter your comments about the order, please provide as much additional information as possible to ensure you have selected the correct part. If you have any concern, please Contact Us and we'd be happy to assist.

7. Confirm & Place Order

Confirm the order details, once you are happy with your order, click the Place Order button and we will begin processing your order.

8. Receive Updates

Throughout the life of your order, we will provide email updates including order placement and shipping and tracking events. If there is any delay with the fulfilment of your order you will be notified by email.

9. Parts are delivered!

Your parts are delivered to your door, safely packed by the expert shipping team at Nengun Performance.

All parts listed on the Nengun Site are 100% Genuine. In Japan the laws for selling Replica or Fakes is about $70,000 US per infringement. Besides Nengun wouldn't even consider selling such junk!. You may hear on the Net at times from Scare Mongers that we are selling Fakes. This statement is a fictitious and out right lie.

We here at Nengun recommend credit card payments over PayPal. Why? Credit Card Payment charges are less than Paypal and you can use direct Debit if you wish. The Main reason why credit payments are better than Paypal is security. Your Paypal account may be hacked or compromised. If your Credit Card was be stolen, to make a purchase a pin number would also have to be issued as well. The address the parts are going to has to be the same one on the Card. PayPal wouldn't care if your order was delivered to a vacant lot. Another main reason why we recommend Direct Credit card payments is Refunding. If you need a refund Via Credit card with one push of a button its back on your card. If a refund is needed after 60 days with Paypal Not Nengun will charge refunding fees and even charge fees for Partial refunds.

If the part is not on the site please send your request  to  products@nengun.com and we shall do our best to add the part to the site. Please do not just add any part or a different color to your shopping cart which has no relevance to your vehicle and expect another part or color to be sent from the order made. We send the exact order and part number regardless of comments made on the homepage prior to purchase. Once an order is made you are intern sending that direct order to the maker thus its sent to our office. In Japan makers do not refund us or give any credit whatsoever, therefore we can be stuck with a specialty part for years on end until its sold. Until its sold we have to pay yearly Tax because the part is classed as inventory. Therefore any order made then canceled or otherwise is a 30% restocking fee.

All parts on the Nengun Site are for JDM vehicles. As such the parts we sell are for Right Hand drive only. We take no responsibility if you purchase parts for a left Hand drive vehicle.

Yes! Nengun Now accepts Visa, Visa Debit and Master Card Direct Payments.

To provide the most accurate information possible, we have divided the process into the following steps.

Place Order

An order is placed on the website and enters our processing queue.

Confirm Order

We double-check your order and provide a delivery estimate based on availability with our suppliers.

Payment Required

Once an order is confirmed, we wait for confirmation of your payment. Goods will not be shipped until payment has been received.

Order Processing

The order is sourced, packaged and prepared for delivery. Should any unexpected delays occur, your estimated time of arrival will change under my orders. Please keep in mind orders can take anywhere from 7 to 21 working days for delivery.

Sending from Japan

Once processed, your order goes into prepared shipping to be packed and we supply you with a tracking number. The selected shipping carrier picks up your part from our warehouse.

Parts are delivered!

Your parts are delivered to your door, safely packed by the expert shipping team at Nengun Performance.

Please note to flight restrictions. No liquid type substance can be sent with LSD`s or Brake Line kits. Although we receive the oil with these types of parts we do not receive a discount from the maker if we choose not to have the oil product delivered to our premises. 

If the order is in "Awaiting Payment; yes, you can change it. You can even ask to cancel it if you like. However, once an order is "Processing" ie the order has been paid for, then there can be no changes. If the order has to be canceled restocking fees will apply.

There is no reason why we cannot beat any price in Japan or in the world. Send us a link to where you have received your best price and we shall better it.

We sell JDM (Japan domestic parts) At times even though we are advertising the correct part for your vehicle type, In another country outside of Japan, the same vehicle may have different specifications changed by the motor vehicle company outside of Japan. If we have sent the correct part Number for the JDM vehicle type there will be a charge for the refund if the part has been installed. 

Our site has all the prices up front and even with Pay Pal fees we are still cheaper. Pay Pal Charges these small fees not us and if any company makes the claim "We never charge PayPal fees" than this is a False and deceptive claim. This fee has simply been tied into the end cost which you the customer pays. To make a claim  "We never charge PayPal fees" is like saying Pay Pal lets our competitors use their services for free. They like us, Pay Pal Fees. And besides for each order placed we Issue Loyalty points, cash back to your Nengun Account. For good healthy Orders our customers receive more than their pay pal fees paid back to their accounts. Please feel free to e mail us anytime at orders@nengun.com if you can find a better price. We will beat any price hands down!

We give out EMS numbers once we have completed the order. Japan post will then activate the tracking number once the part is in the air. If the order reads completed on our site then the part is at the post office. The post will activate the tracking number then it will appear under my orders on our site (scroll to the bottom of the page) If the order reads complete and there is no tracking number on the site then the post is still processing the order along with a few hundred other customers orders. Our site is directly linked the the EMS postal system.

We felt before by letting customers view the tracking number once we completed the order only caused stress because the number would read not found or doesn't exist. The customer would then feel as if the part had been lost or stolen or not sent on our behalf. When in actual fact the post hasn't activated the number because the parts were still being weighed and processed.

Your remaining parts are not missing. Because our parts are purchased of many different suppliers they arrive at our office at different times. In order to get the order moving we send what is available at the time. Please check your EMS label for details. We will always write the parts that have been sent and the parts that will follow. Also check your order on the site. Once again, information will be given on the remaining parts.

Wheel Selection
We recommend you speak to your mechanic/tuner/wheel specialist and fellow owners to determine the correct size/offset/design for your vehicle. Wheel size can vary based on the vehicle, performance requirements, tires required, brake systems and any other modifications. Due to this complexity we will not provide any recommendations on wheel specification for your vehicle. Further information on wheel terms and specification is available at the Car Bible website.

We do not keep wheels in stock, due to the manufacturing process it can take up to 2 months or more. In some cases 5 months for Rays wheels to be made up. Please take this into account before placing your order. After placing your order you are provided with an automated shipment date. This time of arrival has no relation when concerning wheels. Please contact us at orders@nengun.com for an accurate date of arrival.

Refunds + Exchanges
Also note, we do not offer refunds or exchanges based on incorrect part selection, so please choose carefully. Information regarding the wheel design is available on our product website and on the manufacturers website.

We are very sorry for the delay. One or some of your parts are on backorder. You may be asking why you were not informed of this prior to purchase. We would have liked to have personally contacted you about some of your parts not being in stock, however we deal with large volumes of orders and a majority of parts are deemed specialised. This means the supplier, manufacturer and us do not keep them in stock. These parts are made to order. If we or the supplier were to keep every part in stock we couldn`t find a premise large enough to house all the parts. We ask you for you patience and will promise we will do everything to get your part. If you wish to speak with Pay Pal, we ask that you contact us first.

As a rule of thumb, order and receive your parts before making any arrangements to have your vehicle serviced. As for race meets and booked in Services. Please buy  your parts  locally.  We can not be  held responsible for delays because you didn`t receive your parts in time for your event or services. Once an order is processing there is a 30% restocking fee regardless if you wish to cancel. We cannot receive any type of refund back from the makers. 

No problem. If you have contacted us within  3 days of receiving the part/parts, we shall pay you for the freight for the part to be sent back to us and we shall send you the correct part and all expenses shall be payed for on our behalf.

If on the other hand you have ordered the wrong part we cannot replace the part at our expense.  We can however advertise the part on our site on your behalf until the part is sold.  We will not charge anything for this service and because the part is already in your country it makes it very attractive for a quick sale.

If you feel you have to go to Pay Pal for a claim, please talk to us first. Its not just a simple case of Pay Pal refunding your money. The funds are frozen and can take weeks before a settlement.

This could all be avoided if you talk to one of our staff prior to making the claim. Please understand at times there are delays that are out of our control. Or this maybe your first Internet purchase and you are feeling concerned about fraud. There is absolutely no way we would ever deceive someone for payment to our company. Sure we have delays but if you were to do a search on any forum you will never hear of one customer saying Nengun Performance has deceived a customer over a payment.

We are happy to supply products to resellers, however we are currently not offering any upfront discounts for potential retailers of our products. When placing a large order you will find significant discounts with the shipping costs compared to individual purchases.

Once we have received on-going orders over a number of months and established a business relationship we may be willing to discuss possible discount arrangements. If you have any further questions we would be happy to discuss, please place a website or product enquiry. We much prefer email communication as it allows us to work through your requests properly and gives both parties a full history of everything that has been discussed.

We also have access to a large number of products that are currently not on the website. We receive huge amount of enquiries for products and are continually adding new products, if you have any requests we are happy to make them available for you.

Once you have created an account the price with the freight is linked to your address. Simply place your desired parts in your shopping cart and you can choose from various freight methods.

If you have any further questions regarding the status of your order or the order process please send us an Order Enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.