We are sorry we only use Pay pal or the International account. By using another bank account the transfer charges to Japan are too expensive and the exchange rate is far lower then the Japanese Yen, hence we make no profit on our wholesale parts. Once you become a registered member there are only two forms of payment to choose from, Pay pal or the International account and we only accept payment in Yen.

Payment into International Account can take 4 to 5 working days. Pay Pal, Instant to our Pay Pal account, although it can take 5 to 7 working days for the funds to enter our bank account. To cut down on increasing fraud, if you are an unknown customer to us the order commences once the funds enter our bank account. On the site if your order hasn`t changed to processing which means payment received then according to the various times described, please contact us with the date and exact amount entered along with the e mail address you used to send the funds with from your Pay Pal account. Other reasons for your order not being, processed are Insufficient funds entered into our account or No name or order number when entering the funds.

All payment information is provided during the checkout process, including the accounts, currencies and further information. We accept the following payment methods: