Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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Common Questions

The website is only a subset of all of the products that we can source within Japan. We can add additional products to the website if you are able to provide all of the relevant details. 

To request the addition of the product, please collect the brand details, website, product and any product codes and send us a Product Enquiry with all of this information.

  1. As we are in Japan all our instructions are in Japanese and all our parts are suitable for JDM cars only.
  2. We cannot personally view the vehicle nor do we know your skills to perform at times challenging work. So for legal reasons we cannot give any advice on installation. Please take the vehicle to a credited licensed tuner.
  3. We have no deal what so ever with any brand from outside Japan. In many cases when customers contact dealers for help we end up being abused. 
  4. If you can purchase the part within your own country we recommend doing so and not buying from us.

Yes, we can supply products from almost any manufacturer based in Japan. However, once we have identified the requirement for a new brand we will begin organizing the supply arrangements which may take a number of weeks depending on the manufacturer. 

Please collect the brand details, website, product and any product codes and send us a Product Enquiry with all of this information.

Our site is a guideline. Used in conjunction with licensed Automotive engineers we seldom have any problems. So please consult with us before purchasing any parts. It would be impossible to show a picture for every vehicle type listed. Please note. Not all pictures represent on what is being received. We send the exact part number ordered regardless.

For legal reasons we ask you to check with a licensed tuner before purchase that the parts you are about to order are in fact suitable for your vehicle. We can't personally view the vehicle so it would be unwise to say what would or would not suit your vehicle. The simplest modifications can turn out to be a nightmare without the aid of a trained professional.

Yes! We are now partnering with a number of used parts suppliers in Japan. This database is being updated daily with many more used parts to come.

We cannot guarantee the condition of these parts; some may be broken or damaged. We cannot refund or exchange used parts. 

If you have any further questions or product requests please send us an Product Enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.