Shipping & Taxes

We presently offer EMS freight services which have a different combination of shipping rates, weight and volume of cargo and delivery speed. With time, we hope to add more such value-added freight services for the benefit of our customers. Take note that some of these service may not be available for delivery to some places. If this is the case for your order, we will inform you of the situation.

Japan Postal Service which has alliances with your local Postal office provides reliable international Door-to-Door express courier services, all package cover with insurance. This EMS (Express Mail Service) is considered to be the most preferred and economical shipping method with insurance covered for all packages, and is time-definite. In addition it will be delivered very quickly, within 4 to 5 working days once the part is in the air and has left Japan to reach most of the countries in the world. 4 to 5 days does not include processing time. In all it can take anywhere from 7 to 21 working days for the order to be delivered.  For shipping cost-effectiveness, we strongly recommeded this service for shipping parcels or carton boxes weighing less than 20kgs. Please note that this shipping service is only available as Pre-Paid. Hence we will be billing you this shipping charges according to the actual weight of your ordered.

An automated shipping estimator based on the current EMS published rates is available when you place an order. If the item you have ordered does not yet have the specific weights, you can send a request for shipping rates, state the order products part no and products description via our Enquiry Form.

For more information please contact your local post office. EMS tracking is automatically performed on the site based on your order details. Alternatively you can enquire about a package directly at the Japan Postal Service Website.

There are very strict weight and size regulations set by Japan Post and other countries.

  • The maximum length allowed is 1.5 meters

If a part is deemed a 'Large Item' order which is longer than 1.5 meters, another source of freight can used. We will find out the details with all shipping companies and then request any additional funds to be paid so that we can ship the item. Any additional freights costs will be paid for by the purchaser. 

FedEx now have a new IEF service as of March 2010 and can deliver large items to some countries for a reasonable price. 

The courier Sankyu also provides a service for very large items. Sankyu will deliver to your closest airport, however delivery to your address will double the price. 

Please contact us before placing your order.


No. The prices on the site includes the product cost and the cost for shipment to your location. Any additional taxes or duty applicable on entry to your country is your responsibility and we recommend you familiarize yourself with these possible costs before making your purchase.

Our standard delivery terms are 7 - 21 Japanese business days, however a more accurate shipment estimate is provided on the site when your order is placed. This shipment estimate is then maintained during the life of the order should there be any further updates.

Once you create an account a price with shipping to your address will be shown to you on the site. Just add the parts to the shopping cart. The freight is calculated on weight not by how many items you purchase. Also once you place an order an estimated time of arrival will be shown on the site.

Once you create an account and add your address details, all the parts on the site that read "Shipped from" is the price from Japan to your personal address. Our homepage is linked to the post office. If you can't see a freight price on the site, it means either you haven`t created an account or you are not logged in. Once you have placed an order the site, you will be issued with an estimated time of delivery. 

We currently use EMS, FedEx, DHL and courier Sankyu shipping services provided in Japan by the Japan Post Office.

EMS and FedEx are both international insured air freight that operate in many countries throughout the world using the national Post Office service. Complete international tracking is provided by EMS and FedEx. Tracking number and information is provided on the website once an order has been shipped. 

We can ship larger and heavier items with FedEx. In March 2010, FedEx changed their weight and size restrictions and now for some countries, we can ship very large items at a very reasonable price. We have shipped Bonnets with their new service. However, this service is only available to specific countries. Please contact us to see if we can ship to your country.

The courier Sankyu will deliver large items to your nearest airport. We will always inquire into different shipping quotes and costs, so that our customers receive the best possible shipping price. 

Freight is determined on the weight not by how many parts are in your shopping cart. So when purchasing multiple parts the site calculates the total weight which is linked to the Japan postal system.

Previously we were packing the parts, completing the orders and sending the EMS tracking numbers to our customers. Then we would take the parts to the Japan post office to be processed. Recently Thanks to you, our customers, we are taking large volumes of parts at any one time to the post and it is not humanly possible for the post to weigh and process all the orders within a 12 hour period. Instead of us activating the EMS number, now once all orders have been processed by the post, they activate the tracking number which is linked to our site. Once the tracking information is activated on my orders (scroll to the bottom of the page ) The information will be presented for you.

If you go to My Orders and right next to your order you can view the date the parts are estimated to leave Japan.