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Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

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HKS Differential Oil Cooler Kit

Differential Oil Cooler Kit for R35 GT-R

Differential Oil Cooler Kit for R35 GT-R. High performance vehicle R35 GT-R's differential oil temperature tends to be very high under severe conditions such as circuit driving. High differential oil temperature may affect on the lubricant performance and/or LSD's performance maintenance. HKS Diff Oil Cooler Kit was developed to solve these problems. HKS Diff Oil Cooler can maintain the differential oil temperature and prevent the oil degradation.


  • Oil Cooler Core Size: 200×132×48 (Cooling Fin). This core was designed specifically for R35.
  • Core's installation position is inside the rear under cover. With a special air duct, it can let air into the core and cool it efficiently.
  • The air duct was made of CFRP. It can match with the factory rear under cover.
  • Highly durable AQP Racing Hoses are used for oil piping.
  • HKS original Oil Pump is included in the kit for reliable operation and accurate oil flow maintenance.
  • Relay box, harnesses, and ON/OFF switch to install the oil pump are included in the kit.

* HKS In-house test was conducted in Fuji International Speedway. The test result showed that the differential oil temperature was dropped approximately by 37℃. The result also showed that the DCT oil temperature dropped approximately by 5℃, and coolant temperature approximately by 3℃. (NOTE) The data above were based on the HKS in-house test results. The results may vary depending on the driving conditions and/or vehicle's specifications.

CFRP Air Duct 

This air duct is to optimize the core's performance. CFRP was used to match with the factory rear under cover. A flat type torques bolt was chosen for better appearance.

HKS MUFFLER installed

The layout was designed not to come in contact with any other vehicle and maintain the cooling performance. Highly durable AQP Racing Hoses were chosen for piping.

Vehicle Product Price Order
GT-R - R35
Nissan - GTR - R35 - 07/12~10/10
USD $ 2,183.53
USD $ 2,577.96
Product Order
GT-R - R35
Nissan - GTR - R35 - 07/12~10/10
USD $ 2,183.53
USD $ 2,577.96
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