HKS Dual Clutch Transmission Cooler Kit

Nengun Japan From the street to the circuit, the DCT Oil Cooler for GR6 transmission maintains firm shift feel and protects the clutch and transmission through maintaining suitable oil temperature. The reduced oil temperature can extend oil life cycle and also reduce peak water temperature
Stock system has water cooling type cooler.
Fail safe works at transmission oil temperature of 140-145℃.
The car manufacturer specifies to replace oil immediately once the oil temperature exceeds 140℃.
Even if transmission oil is below 140℃, when the temperature of 4WD clutch gets high, the car becomes 2WD, displaying a warning.
Oil cooler core is located in front left fender to maximise cooling performance.
The core has special FRP air duct for optimum cooling.
#10 size oil lines were selected to reduce resistance and enable sufficient oil supply.
The oil outlet attachment was specially designed for the GR6 transmission. Stock heat exchanger and HKS Thermostat are integrated in the system that stabilises oil temperature in a short time even after cold starting of the engine. Shift feel is maintained even when cold (same as stock).
Testing at Fuji Speedway found that the DCT cooler would allow continuous laps at an oil temperature of 127°C and the water temperature reduced by 5°C over the stock system which had to abort its test when the oil temperature reached 135°C.


Vehicle Product Price Order
GTR - R35
Nissan GTR R35 Dual Clutch Transmission Cooler Kit for DBA GTR
USD $ 2,049.06
USD $ 2,419.20
GTR - R35
Nissan GTR R35 Dual Clutch Transmission Cooler Kit for DBA GTR
USD $ 2,049.06
USD $ 2,419.20
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