The EVC IV is a user-friendly, full-featured digital electronic boost controller that utilizes a precision "closed-loop" boost regulating stepping motor.

The EVC IV is a user-friendly, full-featured digital electronic boost controller that utilizes a precision "closed-loop" boost regulating stepping motor. Stepping motors are used because they can handle higher boost levels and are quicker to react to various conditions, thus offering quicker boost response and higher stable boost levels throughout each gear.

The HKS EVC IV can correct the signal to the wastegate several times each second, thus allowing a more rapid boost rise without overboosting. A built-in "Fuzzy Logic" program will learn the base boost curve and optimizes it for maximum response and stable boost. For instances where "Fuzzy Logic" is not applicable, it can be bypassed during initial setup.

Via an illuminated knob on the headunit, the EVC IV is adjustable up to 2.5bar (36.25psi) of boost pressure and incorporates a real time digital boost and vacuum display for precise boost calibration and monitoring. 1-Touch "High" and "Low" boost level presets allow for multiple settings to accommodate for varying power needs. For extra boost, the scramble boost feature will add a users specified amount of boost over the current boost setting for a preset duration between 1-30 seconds.

An optional remote scramble boost trigger is available to supplement the trigger button on the headunit for Scramble Boost activation. A built-in visual and audible overboost warning feature will revert boost levels to baseline if boost levels exceed the warning level entered by the user. To prevent losing all valuable data and presets, each EVC has flash memory to retain all settings and presets if power is ever removed from the unit.

EVC IV features

1. Adjustable up to 2,5 Bar (36.25psi)
2. Real time Digital Boost and Vacum display
3. Liquid Crystal Display Screen
4. High and Low Boost present levels
5. Scramble Boost feature
6. External Scramble Boost Trigger available
7. Visual and Audible overboost warning feature
8. Internal and External wastegate applicable
9. Precision "closed-loop" boost regulating stepping motor
10.Fuzzy Logic Programming will learn natural boost curve and optimize it.
11.Flash Memory

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Vehicle Compatibility

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