HKS GT570 Racing Package - R35 GTR

The HKS GT570 Racing package unlocks the potential of the R35 GTR with a number of basic modifications, increasing boost and reducing exhaust restrictions to increase power output to 570PS.

  • Upgrades the standard vehicle to 570PS
  • Reduces exhaust resistance and increases boost pressure
  • Specifically developed boost controller for the R35 GTR
  • High quality construciton, as seen on the HKS and other demo vehicles
  • See Additional Details for Youtube video of the kit being developed by HKS

HKS Notes

  • Cannot be used with flashed ECU's
  • Tuning of the EVC is required on installation
  • Installation takes around 1.5 - 2 days
  • Catalytic converter removed, not for road use
  • Outside of Nissan warranty
  • See the HKS link under Additional Details for further information

Kit Includes

  • 75mm Stainless Steel racing extension pipe
  • 2x75 to 85mm racing center pipe
  • Polished aluminium intercooler pipe, 70 and 65mm
  • 2x Super SQV and SQV pipe, polished aluminum
  • Specifically developed R35 GTR EVC boost controller
  • Strengthened actuator kit
  • Super Fire Racing M45HL spark plugs


Vehicle Product Price Order
GTR - R35
Nissan - GTR - R35
USD $ 3,338.71
USD $ 3,941.81
Product Order
GTR - R35
Nissan - GTR - R35
USD $ 3,338.71
USD $ 3,941.81
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