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Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

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HKS GTII 7460 Symmetry Twin turbo

Upgrade GTR R35 OEM Turbos with HKS R35 GT 2 X Twin Turbos.

Upgrade GTR R35 OEM Turbos with HKS R35 GT 2 X Twin Turbos. The HKS series evolved by the concept of the higher performance. HKS nail down the barrier of the original turbine and develop the next level of the GT800.

HKS is not just improving the peak power, but also exerts overwhelming performance from regular condition, and the goal for the GT800 is "implementation of symmetry layout" which is not an easy task.


  • HKS has implemented "symmetry layout" design that is to put each positive rotation and negative rotation turbine to the right and left.
  • Previously, because of short on variation of negative rotation, it was almost impossible to make twin turbo with the optimal size. But HKS has created original turbine which implemented the ideal symmetry layout and completed R35 exclusive turbo kit.
  • HKS has adopted "heat-resistant cast steel" for exhaust manifold and turbo housing because they are used in high heat and high-intensity environment. 
  • Therefore this kit ensures high durability against heat and fluctuation.
  • HKS designed special oil pipe and water pipe to protect from deterioration by the heat.
  • The wastegate has adopted GT II which is small and light but still get reliable boost control.

Complete Parts in order to make this kit operate

  • Main Parts
  • Exhaust Manifold heat-resistant cast spec. 52mm Pipe equivalent (Not included)
  • Turbine GT II 7460 heat resistant cast steel (T/HSG) X 2 Included
  • Wastegate HKS GT II 50mm (Not included)
  • Front Pipe SUS304 60mm to 75mm (Not included)
  • Suction Pipe AL buff specification 70mm between turbine cleaner box (Not included)
  • Other short parts  (Not included)

The engine need to be removed to install these Turbos. Fuel pump, injector, F-CON, EVC, Engine parts are not included in the kit.Please purchase other necessary parts for the GT800 Racing spec. from the additional reference materials.
The factory default setting for boost pressure of the wastegate is about 90 to 95 kPa.
HKS test results. It changes with the engine spec. and exhaust spec. but with EVC, you can get 160kPa.
Require original water pipe processing.
Require original Turbocharger heat insulator processing.
HKS will not guarantee the damage by installation of this products on engine transmission and others, because this is designed for racing competition.
This product is designed to take off the catalyser, therefore, incompatible with safety standard and illegal to drive public road.



Vehicle Product Price Order
GT-R - R35
Nissan GTR R35 GTII 7460 Symmetry Twin turbos Only
USD $ 4,249.06
USD $ 5,016.60
GT-R - R35
Nissan GTR R35 GTII 7867 Symmetry Twin turbos Only
USD $ 5,523.78
USD $ 6,521.58
Product Order
GT-R - R35
Nissan GTR R35 GTII 7460 Symmetry Twin turbos Only
USD $ 4,249.06
USD $ 5,016.60
GT-R - R35
Nissan GTR R35 GTII 7867 Symmetry Twin turbos Only
USD $ 5,523.78
USD $ 6,521.58
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