HKS GTII - Sports Turbine 8262 KAI Kit - Mitsubishi Evo CZ4A

Nengun Direct Japan introduces the HKS 8262 KAI Kit for the  Mitsubishi Evo CZ4A. Its Follow up version of CZ4A GT II Sports turbine kit with emphasis on mid-high rpm performance over GT II 7460KAI. Like GT II 7460KAI this is a stock replacement type turbo with wheel sizes revised to aim for further power. Specification now targets beyond 450PS+ Whilst the specification emphasises mid-high rpm performance, ball bearing design prevents low rpm performance from being spoiled. Heat resistant casting used for the turbo housing for great durability. Enlarged bypass port reduced exhaust pressure at high rpm and reduced load on the engine. Can be used with existing HKS products.

Kit Contents

  • GT II 8262 KAI Turbo
  • Actuator
  • Oil Outlet Pipe
  • Oil Return Pipe
  • Gaskets and other parts for fitting

Please use EVC 6 or EVC 5 (CZ4A Spec) for boost control. In the event of turbo surging, please use EVC correction maps to adjust Engine and fuel upgrades may be required depending on specification. Do not exceed 950°C exhaust manifold gas temperature. To prevent SST clutch slip, torque limitation through boost control may be necessary.


Vehicle Product   Price Order
Mitsubishi EVO X CZ4A 07/10 - GT II 8262 KAI 78.5kPa (0.8kgf/cm2)
USD $ 2,271.43
USD $ 2,681.74
Mitsubishi EVO X CZ4A 07/10 - GT II 8262 KAI 78.5kPa (0.8kgf/cm2)
USD $ 2,271.43
USD $ 2,681.74
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