HKS Turbine Gasket & Bolt Set

Looking for New Gaskets and Bolts for your HKS GT-RS Turbines.

Looking for New Gaskets and Bolts for your HKS GT-RS Turbines.

Here is a Complete set for a Nissan Skyine BNR32,BCNR33,BNR34 RB26DETT. If you Opt to buy used Turbos these gaskets, bolts and washers will come in very handy.

Please note these parts are from the HKS GT-RS Sports Turbine Kit Series Catalogue Part Number 11004-AN005

2 X Front Pipe Gaskets 65mm Diameter G65455-K00270-00
1 X Universal Muffler Gaskets 75mm Diameter 34001-AK004
3 X Chamber Pipe Gaskets 17348-004100
2 X Suction Pipe Gaskets 17337-002100
2 X Oil Outlets Gaskets 14008-AK001
2 X Oil Inlet Washers 15189-13C00 (stock parts from Nissan  not supplied)
4 X Oil Line Washers 14008-AK002
2 X Water Line Washers ( Large) 94601-004100
10 X Water Line Washers (Small) 15463-012133
18 X Stud Bolts 92112-013100
8 X Self Locking nuts 1499-RA020
4 X Hexgon Bolts 91116-08301325
1 X Oil Outlet Pipe Front G15450-N48030-00
1 X Oil Outlet Pipe Rear G15450-N48020-00
2 X Orifice Bolts with center hole 1408-RA020
1 X 3 way Joint 18006-AK003
1 X Oil Pressure Hose 1801-SA016
2 X Rubber Caps 14999-AK019


Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
G17200-N48030-00 Gasket kit
Nissan BNR32,BCNR33,BNR34 RB26DETT HKS Gasket kit
Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32
Skyline - R33 GTR - BCNR33
Skyline - R34 GTR - BNR34
Vehicle Compatibility
Nissan - Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32
Nissan - Skyline - R33 GTR - BCNR33
Nissan - Skyline - R34 GTR - BNR34
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