JDM Option Drift Tengoku Video - Subscription
JDM Option

The Drift Tengoku Video series covers all drifting events in Japan and is the ultimate DVD for every Japanese drifting fan!

  • The complimentary DVD to the Drift Tengoku magazine
  • Covers all drift events, from amateur to professional throughout Japan
  • Features on local drifters, cars, parts and all other things drifting
  • Latest Issue details available from Video Option website, see Additional Details for the website link
  • Available only in Japanese

Please Note

  • Can start at any time, no need to start at the start of the year
  • Please note - 6 Issues, one every two months, we automatically ship you the magazine once we take delivery
  • Available only in DVD Format
  • Typically we receive the DVD/magazines before or at the same time as Japanese retailers
  • Sent via our standard EMS air freight, takes around 3-5 days
Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
12 Months
Drift Tengoku Video - 12 Month Subscription
All Models
USD $ 175.93
Vehicle Compatibility
All Models
6 Months
Drift Tengoku Video - 6 Month Subscription
All Models
USD $ 87.97
Vehicle Compatibility
All Models
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