J's Racing FCR Slit Rotor Set
J's Racing

J's Racing has Developed the FCR Brake Rotor set, with slits for better cooling.

J's Racing has Developed the FCR Brake Rotor set, with slits for better cooling.

One of their strongest brake rotors to date.

  • Standard cast iron rotors from OEM do not compare to the ultra-high performance these deliver
  • Super durability (resistant to strain, shudder, squeaking, cracking performance improvement) 
  • Copper special heat treatment with optimization of the molecular structure of high carbon materials
  • 6 wide-vented fin heat dissipation and very straight (single sided) 
  • Control over performance (great with all types of pads)
  • Optimization of surface hardness 
  • Special heat resistant black painted very special anti-rust
  • This product has the slitting to increase the thermal performance further.
  • Not for fitting with GE6, 1.3 chassis


Lower running costs to ensure long life, it is recommended for the circuit, especially heavy users.

J's Racing Brake rotors for the ultimate all-round support from a wide range of street to circuit racing.


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Product Version Price Order
Honda - Fit/Jazz - GE/GE8 - FCR Slit Rotor Set

Vehicle Compatibility

Honda - Fit - GE8

Vehicle Compatibility

Honda - Fit - GE8
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