J's Racing FK2 Exhaust Plus Dual 70 RS
J's Racing

J'S RACING offer a unique full-straight structure that is a premium semi-titanium muffler that combines stainless steel pipes and titanium tail. 

The Main pipe and silencer utilize a high quality SUS304 Stainless Steel.  The main pipe bends smoothly and beautifully using a 3 dimensional bender to realized smooth exhaust and optimum exhaust flow speed. 

Dolphin tail which is the classic of J'S, with a 100mm diameter and provides a powerful rear view. 

Contructed with TIG welding while using SUS, all mufflers are carefully finished by the hands of true craftsmen, adding to the quality of the muffler. 

With only the main silencer and with 70φ → 60φ x 2 main pipe diameter, gives an aggressively exhaust, making both quick rise of supercharging pressure and extension at high speed. 


  • Made for racing use only
  • May be marks due to the manufacturing process
  • Because coloring of the tail is done by hand, it may differ slightly from the product image. 
  • Inner Silencer can not be used

Vehicle Product Price Order
Civic - Type R - FK2
Honda - Civic - Type R - FK2
USD $ 2,284.32
USD $ 2,307.40
Product Order
Civic - Type R - FK2
Honda - Civic - Type R - FK2
USD $ 2,284.32
USD $ 2,307.40
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