JUN GTR R35 VR38 4.2L Kit

JUN introduce the complete 4.

2 L Engine for the GTR R35. These engines are completely built in house by JUN. The unit includes a short cylinder head. There are two to choose from. The BASIC type which has minimum processing for adjusting uneven quality of factory parts. And the EX type which incorporates special parts and processing recommended by JUN. Included is the short block which also has the BASIC type And, the EX Type Formats. These are pre-assembled blocks which require adjusting of the bearings, the gap of piston rings, and assembling pistons, rods, and a crankshaft to a short block. The JUN Custom kit is composed of a long stroke crankshaft and JUN Super Forged aluminum pistons. The JUN Stroker 4.2 L kit provides more power and torque ideal for Drag race conditions to deliver well over 1000PS.


  • VR38 4.2L Kit
  • Short Head EX Type
  • Short Block EX Type, Engine Block with Cylinder liner
  • Custom Kit for 4.2L
  • Crank, Pistons, Con Rods, Rings
  • Metal Head Gaskets
  • Camshaft 272 - 10.8mm In&Ex / Valve Spring with Spring Seat / Valve Guide for Race
  • Assembled and installed By JUN

Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
VR38 4.2L Kit
Nissan GTR R35 Complete Kit
GTR - R35
USD $ 48,636.63
USD $ 56,312.08
Vehicle Compatibility
Nissan - GTR - R35
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