Mines VX-ROM - Z33 Engine Control Unit

Improved performance over your factory engine control unit with one of Mine's engine control units.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Speedlimiter control
  • Fuel control ignition timing self-resetting  
  • Response-driven set-up  
  • Increase the rev limit from 6600rpm to 7000rpm
  • and increase the rev limit on late type manual transmission vehicles from 7000rpm to 7200rpm
  • Self-resetting electronic throttle control 
  • CVTC (Control of the Intake cam hydraulic continuous variable)
  • eVTC (Control of the Exhaust cam electromagnetic clutch type continuous variable) 
    ※ eVTC change except some VQ35DE model year  
  • Ensuring the original behavior learning control, emission control control  


Applicable for the following versions of the Fairlady Z/350Z Z33 vehicle:

  • Ver. NISMO (MT/AT)  
  • Ver. NISMO type 380RS (MT)
  • Coupe / Roadster (MT/AT)
  • Anniversary (MT)  

Further information available from Mines under links below.

Vehicle Product Price Order
350Z - Z33
Nissan - 350Z Z33
USD $ 1,730.86
Product Order
350Z - Z33
Nissan - 350Z Z33
USD $ 1,730.86
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