Moonface Roof Support Bar

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Great Roof Support Bar from Moonface to stiffen the roof of your Nissan RPS13 180SX or Nissan PS13 Silvia

Dramatically improved body rigidity, unleash your outstanding control!

Suppresses twisting and distortion in the roof, and helps with overall body rigidity

Made of high quality Aluminum and is lightweight, and molded to fit the shape of the roof

Please Note:

Roof mounting holes are not needed, but the roof lining does need to be cut to shape, please see the Moonface Website Reference for more details

Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
Nissan - Silvia / 180SX - RPS/PS13 - Roof Support Bar
Silvia - PS13 (Red Top)
180SX - RPS13 S2 (Black Head)
180SX - RPS13 S1 (Red Head)
180SX - RPS13 S3 (Black Head)
USD $ 208.93
Vehicle Compatibility
Nissan - Silvia - PS13 (Red Top)
Nissan - 180SX - RPS13 S2 (Black Head)
Nissan - 180SX - RPS13 S1 (Red Head)
Nissan - 180SX - RPS13 S3 (Black Head)
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