Moonface Super Lap Racing Plate

Exchange the rollcenter plate for thick one of racing type to get lower down.

Exchange the rollcenter plate for thick one of racing type to get lower down.

Not changing the full length of the arm, attach the adjuster of integration with original ball joint.
The revolutionary item which increase camber angle is developed. As for the conventional type which adjusts the arm length, the camber change of the either side is diffenrent and the positions of upper arm and lower arm go wrong. But MF-R camber adjuster excludes the negative factors which affects these steering characteristics. Setting 2 types of camber value which are suitable to sports running and circuit running, it supports all running stages. Also, it has the progressive function which corrects the rollcenter at low down. The ideal camber setting and the function of rollcenter correction improve the grip power of tire, it brings outstanding cornering performance.

Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
Adaptable item - MFP-SCA1
USD $ 150.02
USD $ 163.06
Adaptable item - MFP-SCA2
USD $ 150.02
USD $ 163.06
Toyota SXE10 JZX90 JZX100 JZX110
Cresta - JZX90
Chaser - JZX90
Mark II S2 - JZX100
Cresta - JZX100
Chaser - JZX100
Mark II S1 - JZX100
Mark II - JZX90
Altezza - SXE10
Mark II - JZX110
USD $ 115.73
USD $ 125.79
Vehicle Compatibility
Toyota - Cresta - JZX90
Toyota - Chaser - JZX90
Toyota - Mark II S2 - JZX100
Toyota - Cresta - JZX100
Toyota - Chaser - JZX100
Toyota - Mark II S1 - JZX100
Toyota - Mark II - JZX90
Toyota - Altezza - SXE10
Toyota - Mark II - JZX110
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