Mugen Intake - Honda Integra and Civic

This intake system improves the flow of the intake air.

This intake system improves the flow of the intake air. This is acheived by removing the original restrictive system, and increase the amount of intake air. This provides an infinite element in total engine tuning. Increased air intake is acheived by installing the complete intake system which consists of the air filter, the air box, and the ducting. By reducing the air intake pressure, the air intake increases which result in increased horsepower & torque across the RPM band, especially in the high cam area of the VTEC system, as shown in the Type R intake system.

The internal air filter is shaped like a funnel at end of the duct. The tapered form of the isomorphic air filter is like the trumpet of an F1 engine which prevents the exfoliation of the incoming air & reduce pressure loss. In addition, the funnel is made of light weight aluminium machined to F1 specifications from an aluminium billet. Furthermore, The begining of the air intake duct is also shaped like a funnel to digest cool air which is denser.

The air box and the ducting is made from high quality hand-laid fiberglass which conforms to strict manufacturing standards with respect to length, capacity, form, and material. The filter is of cylindrical type which has very little air flow resistance. Furthermore, because it does not have a resonator for the air box, a unique sound of the incoming air is acheived.

  • Includes Intake
  • plus filter


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Product Version Price Order
Honda Civic Type R (EP3) repair filter part No 17220-XK5-0000-B2
Honda Integra Type R (DC5)

Vehicle Compatibility

Honda - Integra Type R - DC5

Vehicle Compatibility

Honda - Integra Type R - DC5
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