Mugen Odyssey Absolute Aero Parts

Nengun now offers the Mugen Aero Parts for the Honda Odyssey.

Nengun now offers the Mugen Aero Parts for the Honda Odyssey.  Desgined specifically for the Japanese Domestic Market.  Fitment has not been confirmed for other vehicles.

  • Front Sports Grill:  Direct replacement for the OEM front grill.  Plated garnish is equipped. Shiny black finish, Vacuum-formed ABS.  For all types (FF/4WD).  MUGEN Front sports grill can not be installed to the CMBS equipped vehicle.
  • Front Lower Grill:  Direct replacement for the OEM front lower grill.  MUGEN Front Lower Grill can be installed together with the OEM multi view camera system, with the enclosed camera cover.  Shiny black finish, Vacuum-formed ABS.  Multi camera system resetting is required at authorized Honda dealer after the installation.


    Vehicle not installed with the multi view camera system: 75500-XML-K0S0

           Vehicle installed with the multi view camera system: 75500-XML-K1S0

  • Front Under Spoiler:  Large size Front Under Spoiler equipped with plated garnish, exclusively for ABSOLUTE MUGEN Front Under Spoiler can be installed together with OEM fog lights or optional MUGEN LED Fog Lights and MUGEN Aero Illumination, Vacuum-formed ABS


    Painted: 71110-XML-K1S0-**

    Unpainted: 71110-XML-K1S0-ZZ

  • [Option] LED Fog Lights: Advanced super luminosity LED fog light with a high level of visibility, low power consumption, long life, and is capable of giving an ideal light distribution owing to a combination of a high performance projector unit and a LED. 

    MUGEN Front Under Spoiler, Attachment kit, sold separately, is required for installation. 08V31-XG8-LW01

    LED Fog Light Attachment

    A set of a LED fog light attachment and a harness
    OEM fog light switch will be used for MUGEN LED fog light.


    A set of a LED fog light switch, harness and attachment

    G·AERO Package (FF/4WD): 08V31-XML-K1S0

  • [Option] Aero Illumination: Aero illumination with a super luminosity bright white LED.  Aero illumination is always activated whenever the ignition switch is in an “on” position. An optional part for MUGEN Front Under Spoiler 

    The light color may look different depending on how it is viewed.


  • Side Garnish:  Direct replacement for the OEM door lower garnish.  Plated garnish is equipped. Vacuum-formed ABS, a set of right and left spoilers.

    For all types (FF/4WD)

    Painted: 75300-XML-K1S0-**

    Unpainted: 75300-XML-K1S0-ZZ

  • Rear Under Spoiler:  To be attached on the bottom part of the OEM rear bumper.  Two types, for MUGEN Sports Exhaust System and for OEM muffler are available. It is equipped with plated garnish. Vacuum-formed PPE.  A part of the rear bumper needs to be cut for installation.

    For MUGEN Sports Exhaust System
    (Required to be installed together with MUGEN Sports Exhaust System)


    Painted: 84111-XML-K3S0-**

    Unpainted: 84111-XML-K3S0-ZZ

    For OEM muffler


    Painted: 84111-XML-K1S0-**

    Unpainted: 84111-XML-K1S0-ZZ

  • Wing Spoiler:  To be attached on the top of OEM tail gate spoiler.  Comes with MUGEN Metal Emblem, Blow molding ABS.

    For all types (FF/4WD)

    Painted: 84112-XML-K0S0-**

    Unpainted: 84112-XML-K0S0-ZZ

This part usually ships 14 days after payment.

Product Version Price Order
Honda - Odyssey - RC2 - LED Fog Lights
USD $ 739.00
USD $ 772.21
Honda - Odyssey - RC2 - LED Fog Light Attachment Kit
USD $ 137.06
USD $ 143.22
Honda - Odyssey - RC2 - Aero Illumination
USD $ 259.29
USD $ 270.95
Honda - Odyssey - RC2 - Front Under Spoiler - PLEASE SPECIFY COLOUR CODE
USD $ 620.47
USD $ 648.35
Honda - Odyssey - RC2 - Front Sports Grill - Unpainted
USD $ 370.43
USD $ 387.07
Honda - Odyssey - RC2 - Side Garnish - PLEASE SPECIFY COLOUR CODE
USD $ 1,000.15
USD $ 1,045.09
Honda - Odyssey - RC2 - Front Lower Grille (with multi view camera)
USD $ 305.60
USD $ 319.33
Honda - Odyssey - RC2 - Rear Under Spoiler - PLEASE SPECIFY COLOUR CODE
USD $ 583.42
USD $ 609.64
Honda - Odyssey - RC2 - Wing Spoiler - PLEASE SPECIFY COLOUR CODE
USD $ 555.65
USD $ 580.61
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