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The Nengun Original Parts (NOP) T-Shirts have arrived.

Be seen in one of the coolest performance T shirts on the market. Unlike the other major brands shirts we sell which tend to cater for the smaller Japanese physique and are also too thin. The Nengun shirts have be designed to suit larger sized Westerners and we have taken meticulous care in finding the right Length, weight, thickness and the best cotton for our shirts. 

Each shirt has been hand made with the rear Yoroi (Warrior) logo sleeve sewn on after the shirts were printed. In the "printing world" this is a very hard procedure to perform and our design was refused by most printers. After months of research we found 1 printer who finally came to the party and made the Nengun Yoroi (Warrior) T Shirts. No 2 shirts are the same so you are personally purchasing a custom made T-Shirt. Currently the best quality shirt coming out of Japan is from the Japanese company Welc. Our Nengun shirts are on even par at half the price. Nengun is our name, our brand. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

The Basis of our Shirts unlike any other brand have been taken to Mount Atago Shrine in Fukuoka Japan to be Blessed to have effects in driving away evil things, bringing in good fortunes, luck and to meet someone nice, success in academic performance and business, safety in the home as well as  giving up smoking.


What our customers have said about our Shirts.

"Guys, Im loving these t-shirts! Thick material, good quality stitching, and sizes that actually fit. Not like the XL UniGlo t-shirts I cant even fit my head through. Lindo Kurisuti

"Hi Guys

Received the parts and the shirt today. You were not wrong about the quality. Heaps of crew check me out at the mall.



"Hello Kim

Thanks up for the shirt mate. Top stuff, I love the design and the thickness of the shirt. Quicksilver and Billabong should lift their game. They are making em so cheap these days.


"Nengun = legends "Thanks for the shirts Guys


Hey guys... Thanks for the offer of free goodies... I have a Nengun shirt already in XL and I have to say that it is probably the most quality shirt I have ever owned... Props to the manufacturer...!!! Do you need any info from me...?  Thanks again, and I can't wait to rep you guys this year ay all the DC events and Formula D here in the Northwest... 

Thomas Dourgarian Jr. (Tommy)

  • Black 200 grams Thick Cotton  
  • Color, Black
  • Front Logo Nengun
  • Rear Logo Nengun Yoroi (Warrior)
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • Hand made



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Nengun Black T shirt (Extra Large) 100% Cotton/Woven/Unisex
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Nengun Black T shirt (Extra Large) 100% Cotton/Woven/Unisex
This part is no longer available
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