Nissan GTR R35 Floor Mats

The New Nissan GTR R35 factory standard (Non GTR logo attached) floor mats are very thin, 3mm in thickness and are of poor quality. From the engine bay through the firewall the heat build up is quite immense. If you were to drive around without shoes on or just your socks the heat would burn your feet. Why would someone drive without shoes on you ask. The initial acceleration from first gear in the R35 is quite rough and jerky. To get a better feel for the gas pedal by taking of one shoe you can get a better take off without the rough motion when driving in the city or built up traffic areas.

The aftermarket Nissan genuine GTR logo attached front a rear floor mats are 15mm thick and are of the highest carpet quality and come with Carbon floor plates to prevent heat and wear to the carpet material


  • Front and Rear Mats
  • Big GTR Logo attached to both the front left and right side
  • Carbon Floor pads left and Right side
  • 15mm in thickness


Vehicle Product Price Order
GTR - R35
Nissan R35 GTR RHD full floor Mat Set (GTR Logo Attached) Black
USD $ 1,385.36
GTR - R35
Nissan R35 GTR RHD full floor Mat Set (GTR Logo Attached) Black
USD $ 1,385.36
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