Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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Nissan Multi Function Display - GTR R35

The Nissan 2008 GTR R35 Multi Display Function unit.

The Nissan 2008 GTR R35 Multi Display Function unit. If you find your Center display Unit fading, its a good time to change the unit before the whole screen becomes white as in Pic 1A. Also you wont be able to see out the reverse camera. There is no quick fix, the whole unit has to be replaced. We have heard people paying thousands to have the New unit installed. To our amazement the whole unit is quite cheap around $700

The whole console and Dash doesnt have to come out and the whole job should take no longer than 40 Minutes. Considering a Nissan Tuner has never installed a replacement MFD before and I also havent installed one, I thought we would be on the same level playing field of both having no experience so I decided to add the New MFD myself. 

The first thing you will do is grab a screw driver and start looking around for the nearest screw to undo. Well you wont need a screw driver at all to start of with. Pic 2A Using your fingers only lift and slide the plastic insert towards you and the plate will slide out. Do the same on the other side for Pic 3A. There is also a plastic strip at the top of the stereo, Remove that as well. Now once the side plates have been removed you can now see screws holding Stereo in as in Pic 4A. Remove those. Note that you do not have to take the Suspension and race mode switch off. Pic 5A Take out the Stereo and release the Jack. Dont worry about labeling them because they only fit in there specific holes to the rear of the CD Stereo unit as in Pic 6A. In Pic 7A I didnt take the whole dash out you can simply lift it up. I advise adding some bubble wrap around the dash connectors because they are quite sharp and will easily scratch the MFD frame as in Pic 8A. I suggest you add some tape around the frame before pulling the unit out to protect is because Nissan have painted the frame not as well as it should be. If you do scratch it, you will also be purchasing the Frame as well. Pic 9A the unit has been installed and it takes about 40 minutes all up. Now that I experienced, I am sure I could do the next one in 25 minutes. So if you have to take you vehicle to a Tuner you shouldn't be charged anymore than 40 minutes to 1 hours work only.   

Please note this is for the JDM version therefore all readings are in Japanese 


Before you do anything Disconnect the car Battery because removing the Dash can set the airbags off!  

Vehicle Product   Price Order
GT-R - R35
Nissan GTR 2008 JDM
USD $ 663.43
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GT-R - R35
Nissan GTR 2008 JDM
USD $ 663.43
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