Nissan Serena C26 roof spoiler

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The 2011 Nissan Serena was released in late November 2012 to the Japanese market, equipped with a new 2.0 litre MR20DD direct injection inline-four gasoline engine. This model is currently sold in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.[6] In addition, Nissan Serena C26 will start production in China and Indonesia in the year 2013. For export markets, this model has not been planned for production yet.

In August 2012, Nissan added their newly developed simple hybrid system called Smart Simple Hybrid or S-HYBRID. The Nissan Serena C26 S-HYBRID has its regeneration capacity and output power of the Eco Motor, which is an alternator that is used for Nissan's Serena having an idling stop mechanism and capable of restarting an engine, upgraded. They've even added a lead sub-battery in the engine room for extended energy regeneration capacity. With all that technology, it has a fuel economy of 15.2 km/L (approx 35.8mpg) under the JC08 test mode.[7] In Malaysia, Tan Chong launched Nissan Serena S-Hybrid in July 2013.


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Nissan C26 FC26 NC26 FNC26 Roof spoiler (Brilliant white pearl)
USD $ 467.18
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Nissan C26 FC26 NC26 FNC26 Roof spoiler (Brilliant white pearl)
USD $ 467.18
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