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A boost control system is necessary to boost up a turbocharged vehicle. Moreover, even if a boost controller is equipped with boost display function, an alogue meter is necessary when we look at confirm a boost easily.

Power Enterprise(PWR), PWR came to the conclusion. 1+1=Power Boost Controller (PBC). This hybrid boost controller combines an electronic boost meter with a boost controller. 'High performance' but 'Low price'.


  1. Electronic analogue boost meter + electronic boost controller system.
  2. Harness, power supply and pressure sensor are easily installed in it.
  3. It is easily controlled by only one switch.


Electric Boost Meter
  1. 60mm meter (penetrative illumination system)
  2. Pressure sensor is small, and moreover, performs highly.
  3. You can look at max boost to push peak buttom after the drive.
  4. LED informs you to reach the warning point you set up.
  5. It indicates boost pressure from -1.0 to 2.0(X100KPa).
Boost Controller System
  1. PWR adopts solenoid valve of actuator control system in it.
  2. This solenoid valve stabilizes a boost and quickens response.
  3. This system can control overshoot with a gain volume switch behind the meter.

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Vehicle Compatibility

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