Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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Promotion Ends 31st of December 2020 JST

Best prices on ORC Clutches in Japan!

ORC manufacture some of the best clutches available as proven in the Nengun sponsored British Drift Championship Team Low Origin S14 Silvia. To celebrate our sponsorship we are offering ORC clutches at our best ever prices.

Looking for an ORC clutch or need some advice on clutch selection for your vehicle? Send our customer service team an enquiry and our experienced team can help you select the best clutch for your requirements. 

On Sale
ORC - 559 Series - Twin Plate Clutch - 550ps
On Sale
In Stock
ORC - 659 Series - Twin Plate Clutch - 650PS
On Sale
ORC - 409 Series - Single Plate Clutch
On Sale
ORC - 1000F Series - Triple Plate Clutch - 980Nm
On Sale
ORC - Light Clutch - 400 - 330ps

ORCLight Clutch - 400 - 330ps

from USD $ 725.15
On Sale
ORC - Light Clutch - 250 - 250ps

ORCLight Clutch - 250 - 250ps

from USD $ 655.23
On Sale
ORC - SE Clutch

ORCSE Clutch

from USD $ 783.42