Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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HPI at our lowest prices!

The huge HPI range of performance JDM parts are now available at our lowest prices, whether you are a drifter, circuit junkie or love to drive the street, HPI has the parts you need.

HPI offers a huge range of JDM parts and are popular amongst drifters for their great performance at lower prices. Please contact us by sending an enquiry if there are any parts we do not have listed. 

On Sale
HPI - Timing Belt Cover

HPITiming Belt Cover

USD $ 62.56
On Sale
HPI - Racing Harness - 4 Point
On Sale
HPI - Evolve Intercooler Kit - TYPE-OF
On Sale
HPI - Racing Harness - 6 Point
On Sale
HPI - Towing Belt

HPITowing Belt

from USD $ 38.49
On Sale
HPI - Megamax Air Cleaner

HPIMegamax Air Cleaner

from USD $ 46.07
On Sale
HPI - HPI Evolve Aluminum Radiator
On Sale
In Stock
HPI - Turbo Outlet

HPITurbo Outlet

from USD $ 244.67
On Sale
HPI - Straight Silicon Hoses

HPIStraight Silicon Hoses

from USD $ 12.37
On Sale
HPI - Brake Lines

HPIBrake Lines

from USD $ 183.50
On Sale
HPI - Carbon Doors

HPICarbon Doors

from USD $ 908.23
On Sale
HPI - Clutch Line

HPIClutch Line

from USD $ 52.63
On Sale
HPI - Coppermix Clutch

HPICoppermix Clutch

USD $ 485.25
On Sale
HPI - Diameter Change Silicone Hoses
On Sale
HPI - Dual Front Pipe

HPIDual Front Pipe

USD $ 278.03
On Sale
HPI - Engine Oil Cooler Core

HPIEngine Oil Cooler Core

from USD $ 305.83
On Sale
HPI - Evolve Intercooler Kit - TYPE-WF
On Sale
HPI - Evolve Side Tank Oil Cooler Kit
On Sale
HPI - Exhaust Gaskets

HPIExhaust Gaskets

from USD $ 9.10
On Sale
HPI - Exhaust Manifold

HPIExhaust Manifold

from USD $ 908.23
On Sale
HPI - Helmet Bag

HPIHelmet Bag

USD $ 137.17
On Sale
In Stock
HPI - High Cut Racing Shoes
On Sale
HPI - Intercooler Core - TYPE-WF

HPIIntercooler Core - TYPE-WF

from USD $ 278.03
On Sale
HPI - Oil Cooler

HPIOil Cooler

from USD $ 407.78
On Sale
HPI - Outlet Front Pipe

HPIOutlet Front Pipe

from USD $ 602.40
On Sale
HPI - Patches


from USD $ 18.21
On Sale
HPI - Racing Gloves

HPIRacing Gloves

USD $ 166.82
On Sale
HPI - Racing Sticker Sheet
On Sale
HPI - Radiator Hoses

HPIRadiator Hoses

from USD $ 129.75
On Sale
HPI - Radiator Option Parts

HPIRadiator Option Parts

from USD $ 7.22
On Sale
HPI - Silicone Vacuum Hoses

HPISilicone Vacuum Hoses

from USD $ 9.84
On Sale
HPI - Single Front Pipe

HPISingle Front Pipe

from USD $ 160.57
On Sale
HPI - Swirl Tank Kit

HPISwirl Tank Kit

from USD $ 185.35
On Sale
HPI - Universal Oil Cooler

HPIUniversal Oil Cooler

from USD $ 111.21