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RRP Reinforced Bearing Collar is strong and made of metal.

RRP Reinforced Bearing Collar is strong and made of metal.

  The clutch is important to enable the car to smoothly start and change gears, the disk is released and enables the clutch release to rotate freely by pushing a clutch release bearing to clutch cover. The usual collars are made of plastic which will not glide smoothly due to less strength, and then in some cases has broken.

The Reinforce Release Bearing Collar will not crack as the strength of the collar has an improved design. It is made of S25C (Steel made) plate finish.

This is to fit with your vehicle's release bearing. Please remove the plastic collar and fit the Reinforced Release Bearing Collar.

Recommended to fit with a reinforced clutch installation.

Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
Reinforced Release Bearing Collar
Swift S - ZC31S - M16A
USD $ 94.69
Vehicle Compatibility
Suzuki - Swift S - ZC31S - M16A
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