Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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Splitfire Super Direct Di Ignition System - BMW

Splitfire Coilpacks to suit most BMW`s

NEW Splitfire Coilpacks to suit most BMW vehicles Splitfire are well known for their Super Direct Ignition System, replacement for often worn coilpacks in Japanese vehicles. Splitfire also now make Coilpacks for most BMW`s delivering an average extra 5ps to the vehicles performance.

While various high performance car parts such as computer, muffler and turbine are available in the market, there were no drastic improvements for ignition system. It was limited to tune the mechanical ignition system which distributes electricity from the coil to each spark plug through spark plug wires.

Then Direct Ignition System was designed. This is the system that ECU directly sends the electric signal to each coil on the top of each cylinder for ignition.

The best ignition timing is obtained by the sensor and is controlled by ECU and fuel injection system. It makes an ideal condition for ignition and enables to provide a constant and stable electric power at all RPM.

Thanks to the advent of an original ignition system, ignition system made tremendous progress. However, this system left a weak point. That was a reduction of secondary voltage at high RPM. Because of the restriction in design, genuine coil packs were not able to produce enough energy.

See the Splitfire compatibility information link below for specific vehicle details.

Vehicle Product Price Order
BMW 6 CYLINDER - E36, E39, E46, Z3, X5
USD $ 485.63
USD $ 679.21
Product Order
BMW 6 CYLINDER - E36, E39, E46, Z3, X5
USD $ 485.63
USD $ 679.21
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