STI BRZ STI Aero Parts

Give your New Subaru BRZ a STi upgrade with some STi Aero Parts.

Give your New Subaru BRZ a STi upgrade with some STi Aero Parts.


The aerodynamic front lip made of resin is attached to the front bumper bottom. This improves the downforce at high speeds generating negative lift and adds better airflow to the front tires. Sti have made repeated performance tests in the wind tunnel to gauge the best shape and to conform a sense of unity with the front bumper

  • Front under spolier Semi-gloss black paint.
  • Rear Lip Semi-gloss black paint
  • STI logo
  • Protector skid lip sold separately (ST960204S291), to protect the front under spoiler from contact with the road surface. 
  • By mounting the front under spoiler, ground clearance of the bumper will drop about 40mm from the bottom edge.

Rear side under spoiler

  • This aero parts to optimize the aerodynamic balance of the front and back toward the rear from the front by rectifying the flow of air. It is on the appearance by co-wear as "front under spoiler," "side under spoiler", birth to a series of the overall design, and produce a sense of unity. 
  • Semi-gloss black paint 
  • This product is to secure with double-sided tape and resin clip and tapping screw, becomes necessary drilling in the rear bumper.
  • By the mounting of this product, it will drop about 7mm at the maximum than the rear bumper.

Side under spoiler

  • It rectifies the air flowing through the body side from the front, is the aerodynamic parts to improve the running stability. It plays the role of flowing air to be to push the body flows into the lower surface of the body in the rear. Already "have products set front under spoiler (ST96020AS000) has been designed on the assumption that co-wear and" provide the best performance by installed simultaneously. 
Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
Subaru - BRZ - ZC6 - Rear Rubber Flap
USD $ 123.59
Vehicle Compatibility
Subaru - BRZ - ZC6
Subaru - BRZ - ZC6 - Front under spoiler
USD $ 514.97
Vehicle Compatibility
Subaru - BRZ - ZC6
Subaru - BRZ - ZC6 - Side Under Spoiler
USD $ 669.47
Vehicle Compatibility
Subaru - BRZ - ZC6
Subaru - BRZ - ZC6 - Rear Side Under Spoiler
USD $ 360.48
Vehicle Compatibility
Subaru - BRZ - ZC6
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