TEIN Street Advance Damper

Tein has developed the adjustable Street ADVANCE Damper for street use, but with the customizability of a circuit or track type coilover suspension.

Tein has developed the adjustable Street ADVANCE Damper for street use, but with the customizability of a circuit or track type coilover suspension.

1.Damping force Adjustment with "ADVANCE Needle"! Use of newly-developed "ADVANCE Needle" for 16-level damping force adjustment feature (compression & rebound together) enables wider damping force adjustment range! Greater adjustment range gives you more setting capabilities and thus makes it easier than ever to find the desired setting. 

To achieve the most desirable setting for street or everyday use, we test each and every product on the actual vehicle on various roads, ranging from city streets, highways to winding roads. Also, use of larger wheels/tires is taken into consideration, to meet the market demands.

2  .High-Quality yet Affordable! Fundamental structure, persistently being improved and matured over the past 15 years, is now reviewed in terms of VA & VE and 40% of its existing components are re-designed. With this, not only the durability against oil leaks and/or aged deterioration is well improved and the operating noise is reduced, but also the overall cost is well reduced. This new product is sure to satisfy wide variety of users; from novice to expert.

3.Smooth Ride Height Adjustment! Adjustment threads on shell case are treated with TEIN original self-developed "ZT coating". This specially formulated fluorine resin coating, with super low frictional properties, is tightly baked onto the surface, for keeping a smooth adjustment for a long period.

Street Advance has adopted the new wrought aluminum spring seats and low-friction hard-resin thrust washers. These effectively reduces the friction with springs, caused during ride height adjustment, and makes it easier to adjust the ride height with pre-load on the springs.

Please Note (no upper mount) means the mounts are not included because the stanard OEM one are used 

Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
232 411 A + 230 421 A
Nissan - Skyline GTR- BNR32 - 4 X Upper Mounts Front and Rear for part No GSN14-21SS2
Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32
USD $ 365.75
USD $ 430.24
Vehicle Compatibility
Nissan - Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32
BMW E90 VB23 323I, 323I M SPORT 2005.10-2008.09 F:7k - R:10.6k
USD $ 718.42
USD $ 841.36
Nissan - Juke - YF15 - F:4.0k R:4.1k - Exclusive Spring Set - (no upper mount)
Juke - F15
USD $ 825.70
USD $ 965.65
Vehicle Compatibility
Nissan - Juke - F15
Toyota Caldina GT-Four ST246W (no upper mount)
Caldina GT-Four - ST246W
USD $ 842.05
USD $ 984.77
Vehicle Compatibility
Toyota - Caldina GT-Four - ST246W
GSMA4-21AS2 + EDK04-P9669 + EDK05-12120
Mazda CX-5 AWD 2.2L Diesel KE2AW Front 6k - Rear 4.5K + EDFCII + EDFC MOTOR KIT M12-12 (No upper mount)
USD $ 1,098.04
USD $ 1,338.53
Vehicle Compatibility
Mazda - CX5 - KE2AW
Mazda Atenza Wagon 2200 FF - GJ2FW - XD, XD L PACKAGE - from 2012/11 F:5.0k R:5.0k
Atenza - GJ2FW
USD $ 834.36
USD $ 1,003.90
Vehicle Compatibility
Mazda - Atenza - GJ2FW
Nissan - Skyline GTR- BNR32 - F:5.0k R:4.0k - (no upper mount)
Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32
USD $ 699.27
USD $ 841.36
Vehicle Compatibility
Nissan - Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32
Nissan - Silvia- S15 - F:5.0k R:4.0k - (no upper mount)
Silvia - S15
USD $ 842.05
USD $ 984.77
Vehicle Compatibility
Nissan - Silvia - S15
Toyota GT 86 F:5.0k R:5.0k (no upper mount)
86 GT - ZN6
USD $ 718.42
USD $ 860.48
Vehicle Compatibility
Toyota - 86 GT - ZN6
Subaru - BRZ - ZC6
Mitsubishi Evo IX Front 58.8 / 6k / 250mm Rear 58.8 / 6k / 225mm
USD $ 842.05
USD $ 984.77
Vehicle Compatibility
Mitsubishi - EVO IX - CT9A
Subaru Impreza WRX GDA(A/B) 2000/08-2002/11 F:5.0k R:4.0k (no upper mount)
Impreza - GDA
USD $ 840.89
USD $ 984.77
Vehicle Compatibility
Subaru - Impreza - GDA
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