Tomei SWIFT Camshafts Kit

Nengun direct japan is now selling the Tomei Camshaft kit for the Suzuki Swift. These camshaft that has undergone through repeated extensive tests from various profiles and setups is now ready. The M16A characteristics were completely analyzed, and performance gains were achieved in all the areas. 
It especially excelled in the region of high engine speeds, to deliver that enhanced NA performance feel.

  • Specialised Material Used
  • Precision made
  • Tomei Present Value Timing
  • Used stock valve springs
  • Stable Idling
  • Perfect Balance
  • The Camshafts performance gains can be felt with VVT over the entire power band.
  • Exhaust side Adjustable Cam Gear is included as standard.
  • IN 240 - EX 248 Degrees
  • Max Cam lift  IN 9.00 mm EX 9.10 mm
  • Max Valve Lift  IN & 8.80 mm

Tomei presents the popular poncams. Generally, engine tuning is to modify the torque characteristic of engine by changing cam duration timing and height of the cam lift, so as to gaining maximum torque and horse power. However, when tuning the engine strictly, it should be carried out with the idea of securing effective area of the valve not only by duration timing and height of the cam lift, but also by through improvement of its intake efficiency. High valve lift allows huge amount of air to flow in, yet it mechanically damages the system and gains friction loss. Also, wide cam duration will deriver great power at high RPM, but it gives rough engine character at low RPM too. Tomei have worked to get an ideal well-balanced profile of camshaft and succeeded to give it 1.3 to 1.5 times more effective area than regular camshafts

Tomei have been developing and producing their original camshafst ever since TOMEI established. Still today, they are providing high performance camshaft to many racing teams and winning lots of titles.


Note: These kits are made-to-order, please check with us before you order if you want to know the lead time.

Vehicle Product   Price Order
Swift S - ZC31S - M16A
Suzuki Swift M16A Inclused IN and EX Camshaft with EX Cam Pulley
USD $ 627.75
USD $ 741.14
Product   Order
Swift S - ZC31S - M16A
Suzuki Swift M16A Inclused IN and EX Camshaft with EX Cam Pulley
USD $ 627.75
USD $ 741.14
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