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Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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Allion - T240 (1.5L)

Naturally Aspirated - 1NZ-FE

The Toyota Allion and similar Toyota Premio are sedans sold in Japan since 2001 by Toyota. The sedans are as designated as mid-size by Japanese regulations concerning exterior dimensions and engine displacement. The Allion is exclusive to Japanese Toyota dealerships Toyota Store, while the Premio is exclusive to Toyopet Store locations. Both cars are related to the Toyota Avensis, which is exclusive to Toyota Netz locations.

Both the Premio and the Allion were introduced at the same time. The Premio is an upscale, and more luxurious sedan in comparison to the Allion, which has a more youthful, and sporting nature. Wood trim and silver accents gives the Premio an elegant look and it is considered to be a sporty or executive type car. Appearance modification options made for the Allion are not made or marketed for the Premio.

The name "Allion" is created based on the phrase "all-in-one".

In terms of class, the Allion and Premio are designed to serve as an alternative to the Toyota Camry, which is exclusive to the Toyota Corolla Store locations.

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