TRD WayDo Supercharger Kit

The supercharger unit tempered and polished in America has finally arrived.

The supercharger unit tempered and polished in America has finally arrived. This supercharger kit for 5VZ-FE engines greatly improves the response of Prado and Surf. High reliability and durability are ensured while allowing bolt-on installation. It improves output by about 37 kW (about 50 ps) and achieves acceleration that exceeds what is commonly expected of a 4WD car, to provide you with a thrilling ride.

Features of the WayDo Supercharger Kit
The kit includes all needed parts, so you can simply bolt the supercharger on.
(Includes easy-to-understand installation instructions.)
There is no need to replace the ECU.
Maximum power: Improvement of about 37 kW (about 50 ps)
Maximum torque: Improvement of about 49 N*m (about 5 kgf*m)
No additional heat or lubrication measures needed; it is easy to mount, and provides natural aspiration along with superior durability.
A three-leaf type twisted lobe is employed to improve supercharging efficiency. What's more, there is no need to hassle with change paperwork or inspections.
Includes an auto-belt tensioner with a maintenance-free belt.

Super Charger Specification
* Maximum torque and output may differ depending on differences in individual vehicles, measurement conditions, and measuring methods.

Super Charger Kit Application
* For use in 5VZ-FE gasoline engines only.
* Requires unleaded premium gasoline.
* Can be installed on A/T cars only.
* Significantly improves output and torque. Note that, depending on driving conditions, the durability of the power system, control system, and drive system may be inferior to that of a standard system.

Supplement parts

DescriptionPart No.CodeList Price
Belt for super charger kit90916-ZN800C3,000

This part usually ships 12 days after payment.

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Toyota Hilux Surf 5VZ-FE
Toyota Lancruiser Prado 5VZ-FE
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