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Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

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Work Wheels Water Void

Under heavy Rain conditions at high speed water accumulates in the rims

Under heavy Rain conditions at high speed water accumulates in the rims that can cause the vehicle to Hydroplane. Work Wheels have invented a Brilliant idea to divert the water away from building up with the simple idea of a water Void attached to the wheel air value .


    Works Say these Water Avoiders are made for the Reversal wheel Types (Picture attached) When it is rains hard, the rain water gathers on the inside of wheel thus producing vibration. If the Water Avoider is added to the wheels,  it diverts the water away from the wheel. Reversal wheels have a wider Disc face lip which are generall wider than normal wheels.
    The air valve is on the inside of the disc face, and the shape is almost almost at 90 degrees.

    • Color Black
    • Patient Number 3675370 

    Product Colour Quantity   Price Order
    Suits many Works wheels
    Water Void
    Black 4
    USD $ 64.65
    USD $ 70.26
    Product   Order
    Suits many Works wheels
    Colour: Black
    Quantity: 4
    Water Void
    USD $ 64.65
    USD $ 70.26
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